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Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Ask My Heart ♥
lately why I always miss you ?
am I fall in ♥ with you again ?
am I so E-G-O for leaving Him ?
YES , maybe .
that my Heart say :)
well my friend always ask this :
hows you and Him ?
that question making me become More and More ♥ Him ,
without being realize .
what the happy think I'm feeling now ?
why ♥ come without being invited ?
I'm Afraid !
Dyla said :
'dont split if you lick it back (!)'
why is easy for you to have a place in my Heart ?
but I'm E-G-O to tell I LOVE YOU ♥
thats ME :)
You , please don't laugh loudly when you read this !
Heart , should I accept Him back ?
Him , the one who had win my Heart last time ,
and try to win it AGAIN .
but let me think it again and again :)
but the words that Dyla say keep spinning on my head .
why why why ?
am I afraid about being frustrated again ?
okay , I think I should stop here reader .
Bye-bye .
thanks for reading this crept .